Make Design Thinking Your Unfair Advantage - WebinarNinja

An exclusive live Webinar

with CEO and Founder Quinn O'Briant

Make Design Thinking

Your Unfair Advantage

Hosted by
Quinn O'Briant

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April 13th
17:00 EDT

Here's What You'll Learn

What's in Top Companies' "Secret Sauce"

The world's most innovative companies, like Google, Tesla, and Airbnb, use design thinking to develop new products and services. It's the "secret sauce" that makes them wildly successful, and it can be yours, too.

Case Study: How Design Thinking Works in Practice

Any size organization, or part of an organization, can use design thinking to improve revenues and customer happiness. We'll walk through a case study to show how design thinking methods are applied in practice.

What Design Thinking Is. And Isn't.

Design thinking is a set of methods and practices that anyone can use to improve their business. Learn the 5 phases of design thinking with easy-to-follow examples.

Top 5 Strategies for Happier Customers & More Sales

5 top tips to get started using design thinking in your company right away, developing a community of happier customers who spend more with you.

Design Thinking ROI

Studies show investments in design thinking pay off handsomely. I'll explain some key studies and highlight current academic research on design thinking.

Q&A with Quinn

We'll set aside time at the end of the webinar for your questions about design thinking and its applications.


About Quinn O'Briant, CEO & Founder

Wildly innovative companies apply the methods of design thinking every day, to every project. I know, because I was one of those designers at Google, and I studied design thinking at Stanford University, where I earned a master’s degree. I'm also a two-time author and former professor, and I love teaching about creativity, innovation, and meaningful change.

As the Founder and CEO of O'Briant Group, a leading design thinking and innovation firm, it's my pleasure to introduce you to design thinking. Let's do this!

April 13th
17:00 EDT